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Barry’s Property Restoration & Lawn Barber is a one-stop shop for all your landscaping needs, including Sprinklers Idaho Falls. This company’s four talented landscapers will mow, fertilize, weed, maintain, and design Sprinklers  Idaho Fallsthe ideal lawn. Located in Pocatello, Idaho, Barry’s services accommodate the needs of their customers’ specific properties for restoration and beautification. This licensed and insured business handles small and big projects.

Most customers know the rudimentary, basic aspects of lawn maintenance, but Barry’s offers unique services that are more specialized and challenging for the average individual. Their expert team can install two types of sprinkler systems, catered to their customers’ needs. They also offer tree services—trimming, pruning, removing and general care—for landowners concerned about the health and appearance of their trees and shrubbery.

Interested in an outdoor fireplace or pond? Barry’s Property Restoration will design and install these bigger stone retaining projects. The landscaping company utilizes natural stone and stackable blocks for a sleek outdoor environment. Taking proper care of your lawn can be a time-consuming and pricey hassle.

Finding the time and buying the materials to create a beautiful home exterior is an aggravating process for landowners. Instead, consider relaxing on your porch with a beautiful lawn tailored to your specific vision. The professionals at Barry’s Property Restoration will provide the expertise to make this vision a reality, while cultivating your property for optimal aesthetic appeal.


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Sprinklers  Idaho FallsBeyond the look of your lawn, the landscapers at Barry’s know how to keep your flora healthy with the requisite materials. Landowners who prune their lawns and gardens independently risk wasting valuable time and effort on an exterior that falls quite short of their dreams. They provide services on weekday and Saturday afternoons by appointment. Maintaining a high property value is incredibly important, and an unsightly lawn can damage your property’s worth. With Barry’s Property Restoration, your land will retain its value.

Barry Carstensen, the company’s owner, prioritizes customer service. Calls are always returned, and the team shows up to do the task at hand. These landscapers will listen to customer concerns and provide feedback, but ultimately, the customer decides what the property will look like. With affordable prices, Barry’s focuses on the current job without damaging the rest of the property or taking autonomy away from the landowner. Homeowners have a dream vision for their property, and Barry’s Property Restoration has the expertise to bring that dream to fruition.

There is no such thing as a second first impression. When people—strangers and loved ones—see your home, what do you want their impression to be? A beautiful exterior and professionally maintained yard will demonstrate the value you place on your property and the pride you take in your home. Creating the perfect atmosphere requires a perfect understanding of horticulture and lawn maintenance. Beyond lawn mowing—a service Barry’s also provides—your home’s exterior will benefit from the careful and professional hands of these landscaping experts.


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