More Than Just Landscaping & Mowing Service

Barry’s Property Restoration offers you more than just landscaping & mowing services to you! We have many additional lawn services that you will love. We take pride in being an all-around property restoration company that will get the job done right! Call today to receive our services!

We care about our customer’s experience. Barry’s Property Restoration will listen to their clients needs and will always provide the what they are asking for. What ever your lawn needs, we can handle!

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What Else Do We Do?

We offer many other exceptional services that includes:

  • Clean Outs
  • Spring & Fall Cleanup
  • Snow Removal
  • Sprinkler Installation & Repairs
  • Sod Removal
  • Total Property Makeover
  • Gutter Cleanouts
  • Tree Removal
  • Patio Installation
  • Property Cleanup
  • We fix drainage problems by doing French drains.

You Are In Control of Your Lawn

Barry’s Property Restoration wants to let you know that you are in total control of all things concerning your lawn! Meaning whatever you want done to your property we will give you the quality services. We are here to give you a fresh perspective and new ideas for your lawn but at the end of the day you are in control on what we do with your property!

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